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Home Staging

         I also offer Home Staging, which is the art of presenting a house for sale in such a way that it appeals to the majority of buyers and increases the buyer appeal and chances that they will want to buy it. It can often help if a house has been on the market for a while. I can help with de-cluttering, rearranging layout, improving wow factor with lifestyle accessories, replacing worn furnishings and generally making the property more appealing to a wider group of buyers.


Advice at home :


Achievement at home, in an area within 40 km, of a diagnosis with subsequent delivery of a summary:

Surface ≤ 50 m2                   200€ TTC 

Beyong 50 m2                          5€ TTC/ Additional m2.

Beyond 40 km thank you for contacting me.



Intervention at home:


1st step - One appointment 1 hour/1 hour and half's  free consultation in an area within 40 km to estimate your needs and the number of days necessary for the transformation according to rooms and to their surfaces.

Beyond 40 km thank you for contacting me.


2nd step - Intervention at your home.


Rearranging with your help :        

Surface ≤ 50 m2                   360€ TTC

Beyong 50 m2                        5€ TTC/ Additional m2

This do not include to move the big furniture, renovation and do-it-yourself.

Extra help :                           100€ TTC/day/additional person.

Excluding travel expenses beyong 40 kms.


"À la carte" and optional -


Online shopping, Follow-up of orders, 10% TTC of the different estimates with a minimum charge of 200€ TTC.

Shopping day: Half a day  200 € TTC, the whole day 360 € TTC.